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Frank Liu / Product and Graphic designer

   We enjoy designing. In the pass fews years, we have designed over 50 products to completion for the clients that we have served. There are 20 more products currently in production which have all increased the revenue of the companies. With other design field, we have accomplished a multitude of impossible cases that were customized to fit the best interest of our clients design needs.
  In FRANK DESIGN, we believe that making something ugly usually costs as much as making something beautiful, and that is the reason we become designers. To have a chance to change the life of people around us. Make a life better.

Frank Cheng / Visual and Graphic designer

"Self-discipline", "Planning", "Execution" and "Continuous pursuit of self-improvement".
1. Master the budget and plan the cost of the shooting project.
2. Graphic design, graphic photography, dynamic images, marketing planning proposals and other professional skills production.
3. Facebook management and fan group advertising pictures and IG and other marketing visual production, focusing on "emotion" and "marketing integration".
4. Official website visual design/Facebook fan group graphic design production, graphic design, integrated planning of related marketing online activities, product and character photography, product refinement, dynamic photography of various offline activities, video editing and animation production.
5. Write product marketing scripts, shoot videos and post-edit special effects.
6. The main visual plane of the brand website.
7. YOUTUBE content creation and other related visual output (program shooting/cover production/channel graphic content production), based on the content of the brand's official website, shoot and produce product main images, and design and produce store landing pages.

We believe that with our "experience" and "professionalism", we can quickly produce integrated capabilities to solve problems, and provide the most professional design services and our "continuous improvement capabilities", so that every customer can see the output of works that exceed expectations. .

Joy Lee /Graphic designer

Carving the spirit of creativity with soul


Jacky Lee /Motion Graphic Designer

The man who dreams of joining Dream Animation


Jacky Lee /Motion Graphic Designer

The man who dreams of joining Dream Animation


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